The Seven Kingdoms Alliance Creation and

Development Center

A brief overview of what the ACDC program is and how it can help your alliance

Here at the Seven Kingdoms we believe that the future of a viable Project Terra lies in having a wealth of vibrant and organized alliances. A game where a few large alliances dominate the scene and contain most of the members is just plain no fun. Unfortunately, too many new alliances end up falling through the cracks and never become active players in the international scene. We want to change that, and to that end we have setup the Alliance Creation and Development Center (ACDC) to help new alliances get off their feet. 

What is the ACDC?

The Alliance Creation Development Center is a tool to help new or struggling alliances get off their feet and become major players in Project-Terra. We host guides on a number of issues new alliances face and offer advice and answer to your questions. The ACDC section of our forums and the ACDC IRC channel also offer a place where leaders of different emerging alliances can come together to discuss strategy, talk about the problems they face, and bounce ideas off each other.

How can the ACDC help my alliance?

If you are a new or small alliances, chances are you've run into some trouble setting up. Whether its difficulty figuring out a good government structure and charter, trouble making good forums, issues getting help in IRC, or something entirely, we've got you covered. Our guides cover most major issues an alliance might run into, and you are free to post questions and thoughts on the forums for ACDC staff and other leaders to respond to. We also offer to setup private offices where you can ask and discuss anything about your alliance you might not want out in the public.

How do I sign up?

In order to access our guides and get help from our ACDC staff, you need to apply for a mask on our forums in the ACDC center. Once you are masked you will be able to see our guides, ask us for help, and request a private office. Click the Sign Up button in the ACDC tab to be taken directly to the mask-request post on our forums. We aim to have the basic guides uploaded to this site and viewable to everyone (with or without signing up) by Mid-July, but for now, you will need to go to the forums to access those.

Who can apply?

From all my talk about new alliances, you may think that the ACDC program is open only to young AA's just getting started. In fact, we allow anybody - from the oldest, most established alliances, to the newest upstarts - participate in the program. So regardless of the size or age of your alliance, if you are having some trouble or just want advice, feel free to sign up!